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Helpful Tips From Aria

Getting engaged is both an exciting and daunting time for any couple full of lots of questions. One question that you will notice first when announcing your engagement will be “ Ohh did he choose the ring or did you choose it together”? Every couple is different and to be honest it is the personal preference behind each couple that creates the background to every engagement ring and in turn romantic engagement story.

Whether you are a brave and confident groom that knows exactly what ring you are looking for or if you have some guidelines to adhere to or if indeed you have chosen to co-shop for this all important piece of jewellery we at Aria Diamond have come up with a few helpful hints to understanding all the designs and styles that are available to you and how best to choose from them.

The type of hands you have really matter when choosing your Engagement ring, by giving some consideration to the overall shape of your hand you can easily identify what style ring will compliment you best.

For ladies with long slender fingers Aria would recommend Princess-cut  or round stones which are especially flattering on wider bands which will in turn complement length. You can also carry bolder more chunky styles.

For ladies with short or wide fingers Aria would recommend a style to help elongate your finger Oval, pear or marquise stones help lengthen the appearance of your finger.
Rectangular emerald-shaped stones can lengthen short fingers, as long they aren’t so big they overwhelm just remember slender, narrow-width bands create the illusion of length.

Consider the following styles:

Go for a wide oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shape — narrow stones will make wide fingers look even wider.
Cluster styles and round stones in larger settings flatter wider fingers.
Choose a medium to thick band.
Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs both minimise the width of the finger.

Small hands

With small hands, it’s best to keep the overall proportion of your ring small.
Small round, princess-cut, oval or heart-shaped stones work especially well.

Large hands

Try larger rings that give room to get creative.
With larger hands, you can easily get away with bulky, chunky styles.

These are all just a few hints that may come in helpful In the end the best judge of the perfect engagement ring for your finger is you, so why not come in an try our selection of exquisite engagement rings to suit all hands.

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